Privacy Policy

Sky Vista Genius Trip LLP understands your concern for privacy and makes sure of protecting the personal information of the customers; including their names, addresses and contact details they share with us. We, being a reliable travel agency of India, take every step to protect your privacy. For visiting website, you don’t need to reveal your personal information. The individual user exploring our website remains complete anonymous.


It is true that few of our web pages use "cookies" to serve the customers better and to provide them the personalized information they need from our site. Cookies only identify the websites to smooth the progress of your next visit to our site. Information that we collect through them is used only to analyze and improve our services for you. No individual information related to your identity is collected or used in this process.

What Personal Details Sky Vista Genius Trip LLP Collects & How These are Used:-

If you make any booking/purchasing or sign-up for newsletters of our website, e-commerce transactions, Sky Vista Genius Trip LLP collects the following personal information from you while transacting:

  • • Name
  • • Contact Number
  • • Address
  • • Age
  • • Email I’d
  • Sky Vista Genius Trip LLP does not share or deal for any of the above sensitive information without the permission of its users or customers. The abovementioned information is collected from the users/customers/travelers for following usage Q: What is the Payment Gateway Charges?

    A: When you use electronic medium to transfer funds using Credit Cards, Debits Cards or Net banking etc your Retailer or Seller uses a third party application to securely verify and authorize your payments made to his bank account at a nominal fee per transaction. This fee is the Payment Gateway Charges.

    Q: What will be the B2B(AGENT) Refund Policy in case of FAILED BOOKING?
    • 1. Wallet Refund= No Charges, Bank Account Refund: No Charges Credit Card Refund: 2% of total Amount. & 18 GST
    Q: What will be the Charges for Payment Gateway?

    1. It will be show at the time of transaction & payment upload

    Q: What will be the Service Charges against cancellation of air ticket?

    A: Sky Vista Genius Trip LLP Service Charges against cancellation of air ticket is Rs 100/- Per Pax

    Q: What is the Cancelation and Refund Policy?

    A: If any confirmed ticket cancelled by customer, the amount will be refunded within 0- 7 Days. If any booking Not Confirmed due to any valid reasons the amount will be refunded to Customer wallet within 0-48 Hrs.

    Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation in Case of Wallet ?

    A: Refundable Amount = Ticket Amount - (Cancelation Charges + Discount)

    Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation in case of Customer Bank Account or Credit Card ?

    A: ( Refundable Amount* - 2% Payment Gateway Charges). = Net Refund

    Q: What will be the Refund Amount Calculation if Booking has not been Confirmed By flyfirstklass

    A: Full refund will be credited to customer wallet Customer can use wallet amount to book air ticket. Rail Ticket Bill Payment Etc.. If customer insist his amount refunded in his payment source (ex: credit card, Bank Account etc..) then payment gateway charges applied .: